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Mobile Plastic Vacuum Conveyor

Mobile plastic vacuum conveyor is widely applied to the convey raw materials to injection molding machines. Each model of the mobile plastic vacuum conveyors fit for the long distance conveyance and the design that main machine of the conveyor is separated with the material hopper can satisfy customers' demands. FSL-700G/800G/ 800G2 mobile plastic vacuum conveyor is suitable for the group of one conveyor and one plastic molding machine. FSL-900GM2/900G2M2/900G3M2 mobile plastic vacuum conveyor fit for the combination of one conveyor and 2 plastic molding machines, and the conveyors can be equipped with dust extraction devices and material cutting devices.

1. Mobile plastic vacuum conveyor is equipped with stainless steel material hoppers to prevent the pollution of the materials.

2. Mobile plastic conveying machine adopts automatic computer control. The operation is easy and the control is accurate.

3. This vacuum conveyor is also equipped with the alarm for the lack of the materials.

4. The main machine of the conveyor is separated with the material barrel so that it can be safe and convenient.

5. Mobile plastic vacuum conveyor uses independent filters which can easily clean the dust.

Parameters: (The voltage, blades and ordered function are marked behind)
Model FSL-700G FSL-800G FSL-800G2 FSL-900GM2 FSL-900G2M2 FSL-900GSM2
Motor 1200W 1HP 2HP 1HP 2HP 3HP
Conveyance height (M) 4 4 7 4 4 8
Conveyance capacity (kg/h) 380 450/350 650/550 300*2 450*2 900*2
Static wind pressure (max) 1550 1440 1800 1440 1800 2450
Storage barrel capacity (L) 7.5 7.5 12 7.5*2 12*2 50*2
Conveyance pipe inner diameter (MM) 38 38 38 38 38 50
Dimension (MM) 370*300*550 460*380*700 460*380*700 800*600*900
Storage barrel size (MM) 400*300*440 400*300*440 460*300*500 (400*300*400)*2 (500*500*850)*2
Weight (KG) Body 18 46 58 85 95 100
Storage barrel 6 6 6 6*2 7*2 15*2

1. F-Muchuan; S- Separated Design; L-Suction machine; Number-Air volume.

2. The standard motor is Tiantai motor and the standard material storage barrel is made of 304# stainless steel.

3. Please select the suitable standard voltage according to different national voltage requirements of different countries.

1. The parts which can touch the plastic materials are made of stainless steel.

2. The motor of the mobile plastic vacuum conveyor is Tiantai secondary energy consumption high pressure motor.

3. The mobile plastic vacuum conveyor adopts Schneider Electric and overload protectors.

4. The mobile plastic vacuum conveyor is equipped with steel wire hoses and latches.

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