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Plastic Granule Vacuum Conveyor

Plastic granule vacuum conveyor is widely applied to the conveyance of the raw materials for the injection molding machines. When the material barrel is short of the material, the conveyor will accept the signal and convey the materials to the barrel by using the air drafting principle. The conveyor will not stop running until the material reaches rated value. And the conveyor will work again once the material is not enough.

1. Plastic granule vacuum conveyor features small size and light weight. It can be installed on the dryer or other vessels and convey the material automatically.

2. The vacuum conveyor is equipped with stainless steel door which can help prevent the pollution of the materials.

3. This plastic conveyor is designed with motor protector which will prolong motor's working life.

4. Plastic granule vacuum conveyor adopts automatic backwashing devices which can clean up the conveyor.

5. Plastic granule conveyor is also equipped with multifunctional mobile manipulators which can choose the corresponding function to monitor the real time working state. Once the conveyor occurs the abnormal behaviors, the warning lights and buzzers will work. Users can find the faults in time and prevent the stop of the material feeding.

Model Type Motor Conveyance capacity
Conveyance height (M) Static wind pressure(MAX) Material storage barrel capacity (L) Material conveying pipe diameter(MM) Dimension (MM) Net weight (KG)
FHL-300G inductive 1000W 350 4 1550 7.5 38 400*360*520 11
FHL-400G inductive 1HP 380 4 1550 10 38 400*500*740 32

1. F-Muchuan; H-Independent Design; L-Suction machine; Number-Air volume

2. The standard motor is AMETEK series motor and the standard material storage barrel is made of 304# stainless steel.

3. Please select the suitable standard voltage according to different national voltage requirements of different countries.

1. The motor of the plastic granule vacuum conveyor is AMETEK series motor.

2. Plastic granule vacuum conveyor adopts Schneider Electric and overload protectors.

3. Plastic granule vacuum conveyor is equipped with steel wire hoses and latches.

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