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Hopper Plastic Dryer

Hopper plastic dryer is the more economical and effective model to dry the plastic materials. It can dry the materials which are damped during the packaging, transporting and recovering. The equipment can be installed on the plastic moulding machines which can help save the space and quickly be installed.

1. Hopper plastic dryer is an updated product of the standard hot wind dryer. It takes more environmental protection into consideration than the standard one.

2. Energy-saving: Hopper plastic drying machine has less heat wasting and cycling the power which can effectively save energy.

3. Efficiency improving: The heat of the equipment is concentrated so that the dryer can quickly discharge the dampness and accelerate the drying speed.

4. Environment purifying: With the enclosed design, this plastic drying unit can filter dust, reduce the pollution and reduce the temperature rise of the working environment caused by the drying.

5. Hopper plastic dryer can equip the 150℃ high temperature motor to ensure the safety operation of the motor.

6. The shell of plastic dryer is made of aluminum and the shell is accurately die casted with smooth surfaces and good thermal insulation performance.

7. The bucket body and the base of the drying unit both has windows, through whom users can watch the status of raw material.

8. The electric heating barrel is curved so it can prevent material burning which caused by accumulating of powder material at the bottom of the hopper.

9. The hopper plastic dryer is equipped with proportional discrepancy indicating temperature controller which can control the temperature accurately.

Parameters: (The voltage, blades and assigned functions are marked behind)
Mode Capacity(KG) Electric heat(KW) Motor(W) Voltage(V) Shape size(MM) Bottom installation size(CM) Net weight(KG)
FHD-12 12 1.8 50 1φ 220 630*400*830 11*11*φ4 32
FHD-25 25 3.5 90 1φ 220 760*500*1040 16*16*φ6.2 34
FHD-50 50 4.5 100 1φ 220 870*540*1210 16*19*φ7 45
FHD-75 75 6.5 250 3φ 380 940*600*1310 16*16*φ8 56
FHD-100 100 6.5 250 3φ 380 1010*700*1410 18*18*φ8.8 68
FHD-150 150 9 350 3φ 380 1100*740*1620 20*20*φ11.5 78
FHD-200 200 12 350 3φ 380 1180*840*1760 23*23*φ12 110
FHD-300 300 15 750 3φ 380 1420*1000*1830 27.5*27.5*φ12 152
FHD-400 400 15 750 3φ 380 1480*1060*2020 27.5*27.5*φ13.5 170
FHD-600 600 20 1100 3φ 380 1580*1160*2400 28*28*φ13.5 280
FHD-800 800 30 2200 3φ 380 1830*1280*2480 35*35*φ13.5 460
FHD-1000 1000 40 2200 3φ 380 2020*1420*2480 50*50*φ13.5 680
FHD-1500 1500 50 3000 3φ 380 2040*1420*3190 50*50*φ13.5

1. F-Muchuan; H- Hopper Design; D-Dryer; Number: Capacity of the material bucket (KG).

2. The standard motor is Jiuzhou motor and 304#stainless steel heating wire.

3. Please select the suitable standard voltage according to different national voltage requirements of different countries.

4. Customers can order nonstandard functions, such as: 316#stainless steel heating wire, hot wind recovery system, etc.

1. Hopper Plastic Dryer is equipped with Jiuzhou motor whose heating fuses is made of stainless steel.

2. The machine parts belong to Schneider.

3. Customers can select magnet, unloading bases, material absorbing boxes, hot wind recovery systems, A type scaffoldings, L type scaffoldings.

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